The little things matter

Hotel Facilities

We know how something others consider redundant might be important for you. That’s why we’ve added as many amenities we can for every room we have at Choice City Hotel.

Everyday ease

Room amenities

Choice City Hotel offers a large number of Room amenities that will ease up your stay when you’re on your vacation. Here’s what you always get when you stay here.

Air Conditioning

AC can be activated using AC remote available in every room. Please adjust the temperature, as per your convenience.

ATM Service

ATM Machine Bank BCA and BRI is located in GL floor BG Junction Mall . ATM Center and ATM Bank Mandiri is located in LL floor BG Junction Mall . Please use lift for to get there

Bell Service

Staff Front Desk we will be ready help for take it your suitcase


Wifi service available in Choice City Hotel


Breakfast Ala Carte will we prepare start in 06:00 – 10:00 . If you will leave hotel earlier from breakfast time, please call staff Front Desk night before so we can preparing breakfast packet for for you to carry.


Staff Concierge that is friendly can help you Anda in give information about Choice City Hotel, Mall BG Junction and some area in around hotel which you may need. if you has check out from Choice City Hotel, and evidently still need for shopping some of your needs in mall BG Junction, you can commend while your suitcase in staff Concierge


Bag Laundry available in your room . Service available same day service (with taking before at clock 10:00, delivered back at clock 17:00).

Doctor / Paramedics

If you require a doctor’s action, please contact the Front Desk to assist you


if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can active the DND button (Do Not Distrub) beside swicth lamp in your room

Everyday ease

Room Facilities

Choice City Hotel offers a large number of Room amenities that will ease up your stay when you’re on your vacation. Here’s what you always get when you stay here.

House Keeping

schedule staff House Keeping to clean room between 07:00 – 17:00 daily. If you need it at any given time, please contact the Front Desk staff
If you need extra pillow please contact Front Desk. There is an additional charge for this service


For shopping purposes, you can buy your needs.

TV Cable

Cable TV service is available in your room

Non Smoking

Choice City Hotel’s Room is non smoking. If you want to smoke, please smoke in the smoking room next to the Front Desk. Every guest who is caught smoking in the room, will be charged an additional fee of Rp 500.000, – for cleaning. We hope you appreciate people who have allergies, especially cigarette smoke.

Parking Lot

Complimentary Parking is available when you register early. Choice City Hotel and BG Junction Mall are not responsible for the items inside your vehicle.

Credit Card

We accept payments using Visa and Mastercard. For other credit cards, please contact the Front Desk staff

Fire Hazards

If you find a fire, immediately contact Front / Acceptance with a pint of the number “0“ from the room phone

Access card room

If you lose your room key card, please contact the Front Desk. For your security, we will ask you for identity first. When checking out, please return your access card to Front Desk


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